Performance of the Equity Markets and the Acea Share

In 2014, the performance of the international stock markets was up and down, with significant differences in the performance of single markets and highly volatile share prices in the final part of the year.

Stock markets were also influenced in 2014 by the Ukraine crisis, intensifying Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip, the Fed’s announcement of the end of Quantitative Easing measures and plunging oil prices.


Changes in the principal indexes:  FTSE Italia All Share -0.33%; FTSE MIB +0.23%; FTSE Italia Mid Cap -3.86%.


In 2014, the ACEA share “out-performed” the market in general with a gain of 8.04%, compared to a 3.86% drop of the FTSE Italia Mid Cap value.

ACEA's share price stood at 8.94 euro at 30 December 2014 (final day of trading of the year, corresponding to a capitalisation of 1,903.9 million euros. In 2014 a high of 11.20 euro was recorded on 10 June, with a low of 7.995 euro on 28 January.

The average daily traded volumes amounted to 110,000.

During the course of 2014 over 100 studies/notes on the ACEA stock were published.




% increase/decrease 31/12/2014 (compared to 31/12/13)

ACEA +8.04%
FTSE Italia All Share -0.33%
FTSE Mib +0.23%
FTSE Italia Mid Cap -3.86%