ACEA Organisational Model

ACEA is one of the leading Italian multiutility operators, and has been quoted on the stock exchange since 1999.

ACEA’s operational model is based on an organisational structure in line with the Strategic-Business Industrial Plan consolidating its role to govern, guide and control the Holding not only with the current business portfolio focused on areas of greater value, but also on the strategic development of the Group in new business segments and territories. ACEA's macro-structure is broken down into corporate functions and four industrial segments – Environment, Energy, Water and Networks.

The activities of each business segment are described below.

Environmental segment

The ACEA Group is a major Italian operator in the urban management of environmental services. ACEA runs the biggest waste-to-energy plant and the biggest composting plant in the Lazio region, points of reference for regional RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and organic waste operators. In particular, the Group develops investments in the waste to energy business, considered high potential, and organic waste management, in accordance with the strategic goal of the Group to produce energy from waste and protect the environment.


Energy segment

The ACEA Group is a major operator in Italy in the sale of electricity, and offers innovative and flexible solutions for the supply of electricity and natural gas to consolidate its position as a dual fuel operator.
ACEA operates in all market segments, offering its services to families and major companies alike, with the objective of raising the quality of services offered, in particular in the web and social channels.
Finally, the Group operates in the power generation sector, running hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants in Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo.


Water segment

The ACEA Group is the biggest Italian operator in the water sector, supplying water to 8.6 million people.
The Group manages the integrated water service in Rome and Frosinone and in the respective provinces, as well as in other parts of Lazio, in Tuscany, Umbria and Campania.
The Company completes the overall quality of services offered by sustainably managing water resources and protecting the environment.
The Group has developed cutting-edge know-how in the design, construction and management of integrated water systems: from water sources and aqueducts to distribution, the sewer network and purification. Laboratory services are of particular importance.


Networks segment

The ACEA Group is a leading operator in Italy, with 11 TWh of electricity distributed in Rome, where the Group manages the distribution network, providing services for 1.6 million people.
The Group also manages the public and artistic lighting of the capital, with over 189,000 light points, applying solutions that seek to continually raise efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
By 2020 we plan to replace 100,000 light bulbs with the same number of Led lights. The ACEA Group is committed to energy efficiency projects and the development of new technologies, such as smart grids and electric mobility, through particularly innovative pilot projects.

The Group structure, in the various business segments, comprises the following main companies.

At 31 December 2014, ACEA S.p.A.’s share capital was formed as follows:


* The chart only shows equity investments of more than 2%, as confirmed by CONSOB data.