10. Income and costs from Equity investments – 527 thousand euros

€ thousand31.12.201431.12.2013 RestatedIncrease / (Decrease)
Income from investments in Associates 3,369 3,016 353
(Costs) from investments in Associates (2,842) (7,778) 4,936
(Costs) and Income from investments 527 (4,762) 5,288

Costs from investments refer to consolidation of certain Group companies using the equity method (mainly the Sienergia Group for 1,139 thousand euros, Azga Nord for 369 thousand euros and Eur Power in liquidation per 349 thousand euros.

Income from investments mainly refers to Marco Polo in liquidation for 2,300 thousand euros, Agua de San Pedro for 585 thousand euros, GEAL for 471 thousand euros and Sogea for 12 thousand euros. With regard to Marco Polo, it is pointed out that the income arose from a revision of the estimate on the completion of the liquidation.