Credit risk

In 2012 ACEA drew up the guidelines for the credit policy which established different credit management strategies through criteria of flexibility on the basis of the customer segmentation. Credit risk is managed by taking into account both the customer type (public and private) and the non-uniform behaviour of individual customers (behavioural scores). Debt collection strategies are managed dynamically through a Credit management system, implemented in recent years for the main companies in the Group. The ACEA2.0 Project also includes the global review of the credit management process in terms of an application map and the standardisation of activities for all Group companies. From an organisation point of view, centralised management was further consolidated by setting up ad hoc Parent Company organizational units. The structures of each single company responsible for managing credit refer to ACEA's CFO in an end-to-end process.

In 2014 too the Group continued to assign revolving and spot credit without recourse, to private customers and Public Administrations. These operations led to the elimination from the financial statements of all the corresponding activities subject to disposal as all the deriving risks and benefits had been transferred.